Environmental Accreditations


The team at Woodrow Press take their impact on the environment seriously and will adopt the necessary strategies to reduce it.  As the environment is a much spoke about subject within the print industry we needed to demonstrate the steps that we have taken to achieve our responsible status and this is why we viewed ISO 14001, FSC®, World Land Trust and Woodland Carbon important components to help us achieve our targets of minimising our impact on the environment.

Our ISO certification is administered by ACS Registrars where we are audited internally each year and required to provide evidence of improvements on our impact on the environment.  As a client you will be able to use the FSC® logo with a unique serial number on printed material that further demonstrates your environmental credentials to both clients and stakeholders. This certification is administered by the Soil Association and aims to provide the chronological documentation of when the paper is purchased through to delivery of the printed item which is commonly known as the chain of custody.

We have recently adopted a multitude of carbon capture programmes where a percentage of money is invested back into land projects.

World Land Trust (WLT) is an international conservation charity, which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats acre by acre. Since its foundation in 1989, WLT has funded partner organisations around the world to create reserves, and give permanent protection to habitats and wildlife.