Excellence combined with speed

Advancements in quality have brought digital printing closer to the traditional lithographic process. The cost effective and speed of production makes digital printing a real winner for urgent small run projects. Due to the nature and flexibility of the process we are able to produce creative presentations, reports, brochures, leaflets and newsletters as demonstrated in our Case Studies section of the website. Our clients thrive on the flexibility that the digital process offers as we are able to produce artwork, print and distribute all within a working day. This is also useful for the marketing profession where we are able to produce literature for a new product or service and distribute within a short timescale.

Due to the amount of variable data projects that Woodrow Press are engaged in, we are able to tailor particular promotions to defined data fields so that we really hit the target market. This type of process can also be used for trials of a new product or service without going to the expense of a full blown print run as the client will amend the promotion according to the response rate.

Advancements in the print process and personalisation also add a new dimension to our work at Woodrow Press, where we are more than prepared to push the digital boundaries to deliver projects that appear to be near impossible. With personalised printing you can use text and images to produce highly targeted printed material. We also support a vast range of binding styles, including square-back, perfect binding, wire and saddle-stitching and for a variety of specialist finishes, lamination, di-cutting, foiling and embossing.

Sensory printing is becoming more popular for presentations as this creates a tactile element to your project that ordinary material is unable to deliver. We can print on metallic papers to give your brand a different dimension. An emphasis on touch can also improve the interaction with your marketing collateral that will have a significant influence on the perception of your brand and the key messages.  

The majority of our digital projects are printed and delivered within a 24 hour turnaround, but where necessary we will often print and deliver within the same day.